2016 Music Review #2: Albums

Part 1 of this post is available here! This is the overdue second post where I look at what albums I listened to. I’m having a drink with this one. It might get nonsensical by the end. The way albums are calculated is that each track play counts towards an album play - the number given is the cumulative count of all track plays from the same album. Albums Total Number of Unique Albums Logged: 1,327

Radio Day

This has been a few days of mildly successful radio fidgeting. Few issues diagnosed in the setup, few things fixed and a few things done. First up, the 6” cable I use to connect the FT-100 radio to my tuner has broken. This was replaced (thanks to Ed) and things tuned nicely. This must have been borked for some time - I’m now able to tune up my (roughly) 20m dipole on 30m and 40m no bother - both matching with swr of less than 1.

Field OS

Following on from yesterday’s post, it’s probably worth thinking about sanitising more than my phone. I’m getting quite tired of travelling with 2 laptops - one for work, one for personal. Sometimes I travel with 3 - work, personal and restricted site (specific softwre/hardware requirements depending on the… sensitivity of where I am). Carrying that many machines gets annoying. I also get a little stressed taking my personal laptop through customs in some of the countries I go to.

Android Reset

I’m pretty fond of my OnePlus X - it’s the first phone I’ve owned that has performance I’m happy to call “adequate”. It runs along nicely, no questions asked. It never really stutters or has a little moan at me. Battery life is a little weak for my use case, but that’s fine. I’m almost always near electricity. I do a lot of work in the Middle East, and before I go I like to clear out my phone, study what I use it for and return it to being a lean device.

Radio Node

Soundmodem, ax25d and uronode This is mostly a repost of something that was on my now deceased wiki, spruced up a little for this platform. Start at the top and work down, you should have a basic, working ax25 packet radio system by the end. I shall address netrom at a later date. I’m using soundmodem as it presents me with an sm0 device I can easily configure in the following steps, however I have also tested direwolf for this successfully.

Home Network Improvements

I’ve had a problem with my home router for a long time - the LAN side of the set up has been falling over with frustrating regularity. For me, it means my Audio Streaming setup stops playing Spotify. For my housemates, it means lost time on Overwatch! It’s happening just enough now to be a frustrating lost 5 minutes a few times a day, so it’s time to fix. My home network has always been a pretty simple affair (apart from when I’m borrowing BTOpenzone) - just the ISP provided modem/router.

Riot Desktop Install

I installed the Riot desktop app (for matrix) tonight on Debian Stretch (my current laptop). It’s an electron app, so it’s more or less a packaged webapp. Here’s how it went wget -qO - https://riot.im/packages/debian/repo-key.asc | sudo apt-key add - sudo vim EOF /etc/apt/sources.list.d/riot.list # Riot deb https://riot.im/packages/debian/ stretch main deb-src https://riot.im/packages/debian/ stretch main sudo apt update && sudo apt install riot-web Simple. Unfortunately, because I did SSL things tonight I don’t have access to my testbed home server, so I can’t test it.

2016 Music Review #1: Artists

It’s no secret I like music. I get pretty excited about my favourite tunes and take great pleasure in finding new stuff to listen to. I’ve been using last.fm since 2005, when it was known as audioscrobbler. I’ve got a lovely long history of stuff built up there, tracking my music taste over the years from Flogging Molly to Sigur Ros to James Blunt and to whatever kind of a mess it is now.


I’ve started using YADM, which has been entertaining. In theory, I really like the idea of managing my dotfiles in git. In practise, it’s more difficult than I figured. YADM is pretty simple software - it’s packaged for Debian and is a just a script - it’s available for FreeBSD through the mystical power of wget or curl. It’s packaged for a range of other distributions/OSes too, but they’re pretenders so I don’t care about them

Talking and DVB

So I ran a self organised session at 33C3 - DVB-S:Pirate or Amateur Digital TV Stations I figured there wouldn’t be that much interest, so I organised to keep it around the Scottish Consulate / milliways area. I was very wrong… I had way more people than I expected, who were much more interested than I expected. I had clues of this all day, with the regular traffic of people coming and asking at the Consulate about it.