Radio Node

Soundmodem, ax25d and uronode This is mostly a repost of something that was on my now deceased wiki, spruced up a little for this platform. Start at the top and work down, you should have a basic, working ax25 packet radio system by the end. I shall address netrom at a later date. I’m using soundmodem as it presents me with an sm0 device I can easily configure in the following steps!

DATV - Step 2

This is a continuation of this post about my previous failures at DATV. Debug, Defrag, Defuzz and Start Again Okay, so Bournemouth didn’t go so well. Let’s try again - this time reading manuals and stopping to think. The goal for this project is simple - transmit and receive a DVB-S signal. Hardware What tools do I have available? CCC Camp Badge (HackRF) RTL-SDR Numerous Raspberry Pis Laptop (Linux) Probably a whole other pile of things

DATV - Step 1

Digital Amateur Television After the RSGB Convention’s DATV talk, I’ve been super curious about playing more with DATV (Digital Amateur TV). It’s pretty cool - transmit broadcast standard video using low powers and homebrewe equipment. I remember many moons ago Iain, tj and I came up with an MPEG4 proof of concept and streamed Citizenfour between a hackrf and rtl-sdr. Naturally, to do it properly, I’m going to have to advance my license (work in progress, honest).

2016 RSGB Convention Day 2

See Day 1 notes for the first half of this piece! Convention’s over! I left Milton Keynes at roughly 1630 after a full day of lectures and after a stopoff in Glasgow made it home at 3am. Total round trip of 1003 miles! That’s a long way to go for some radio chat. Day 2 was again insteresting, enthusing and inspiring - here’s a compressed colletion of the notes I took.

2016 RSGB Convention Day 1

So, I came down to the RSGB Convention to see what’s what in the world of radio. After day 1, it’s been good - Here’s a disorganised selection of my notes and thoughts. Session 1: Advances in Amateur TV Given by Noel Matthews, G8GTZ Noel started out telling us about the bands that ATV is on these days, the ones that caught my interest were: 13CM (Roughly 2432MHz) 70CM (2MHz, Digital centered around 437MHz) 2M 2M D-ATV 2M Digital Amateur TV is really interesting, it seems.